KMag’s ‘Anticipated Albums For 2011′

January 24th, 2011

It’s no secret that Bop will be releasing his next album on Med School at the end of May. The resounding success of his first album ‘Clear Your Mind’ (released in the summer of 2009) bodes very well for his sophomore outing, but if you’re expecting more of the same, then think again. Bop has been busy in the studio honing his skills and experimenting with different tempos, sounds and ideas, whilst still retaining his signature sound.

When asked about what we can expect from the album, Bop explained that:

“Since “Clear Your Mind” was released, I have written a lot of different material at various tempos, so the second album will be the best tunes from all of my unreleased works which have been brought together by an overarching concept. On this LP you’ll be able to find more experiments with 8-bit/chiptune elements, jazz harmonies, wonky sound, samples from Indian Bollywood songs, a vocal by Bev Lee Harling and lots more interesting elements. All that, of course, will be seasoned with sharp glitches, deep “Bop”ical atmospheres and imbued with cold electronic minimalism. Although my favorite tempo is still 170, there will also be non-D&B tunes at different bpms in there too.¬†For me, it’s absurd to just do another “Clear Your Mind”, so I’ll do my very best to do something really unique and to take another step forward into more unexplored musical galaxies.”

Sounds exciting? K Mag certainly seemed to think so, as they picked it out as one of their ‘Anticipated Albums for 2011′. We’re really pleased that the album has been listed alongside the likes of Icicle, Enei, Marcus Intalex, Original Sin, Loadstar and other revered artists. You can read what they had to say about Bop HERE.

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