Bop album artwork: Igor Yanovsky interview

June 6th, 2011

“A picture tells a thousand words”,  or so the saying goes.  None more so of course than the stunning artwork for “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel”. The brainchild of Igor Yanovsky, an artist and illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russia, the iconic album artwork depicts the pixelated protagonist in a 3D chaos with strong colours and idiosyncratic scrawled font.

In order to dig a little deeper into Igor’s creative mind, we caught up with the man himself to find out more…

Please introduce yourself – who you are, where you are from and what you do?
Igor Yanovsky contemporary painter, Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I draw pictures in my workroom, organizing my and my friend’s exhibitions and sometime I work as an illustrator.

What sort of art / graphic design do you usually do?
I’m a painter and I try to work in my own authentic style and do it without compromising. I don’t really do ” graphic design” as such;  the only design I do is for PR purposes for me and my friends’ art work, such as  invitations for exhibitions and so on.

Can you describe your ‘style’?
I call my style “Infantile Realism” – it’s kind of reality through the eyes of a child. Bright visualisation of reality in it’s primary form including the joyful animated fantasies, but without streams of other information enforced to the objects. This style is akin to graffiti, minimalism and pop art.

How did you come up with the idea of the pixel character? When I am working on graphics I quite often use the “zoom in” function and see pixels in close up form so I literally “drew from nature” to create the pixel character we can say.

What inspired you?
Of course I was inspired by the music in the first place. The Pixel in my work is some kind of maverick, as many creative people are, and he was glad to escape from society to the freedom. And through this escape he escapes the system where he was just a little part of global social machine, and then he becomes full of happiness  in his travels among the debris…

How long did it take you to complete the artwork?
I don’t remember how long it was but the idea was embodied in the sketches quite quickly. And then I spend around a week for elaboration of details and colouring.

What materials / programs did you use?
I paint by hand (black marker on white paper) then scan it and add in the colouring in Adobe Illustrator.

What’s the artistic process like for you?
My work consists of many parts such as ideas, time, money… I always have lots of ideas so I always have something to do. Availability of time and resources in order to actualize the ideas inspires me to produce quality art. This is my job probably. Organization and realization. Finished work does not exist for me, as for many artists awareness of perfection or completeness is almost unattainable. That’s why the works of dead artists are so appreciated, I think. The viewer or work holder calm that the painter never redo something, doesn’t remove anything and won’t try to do the picture even better.

What’s your favourite track from the Bop album “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel”?
I love the whole album, but if there is one thing I like the most it is the beat in “Morning Air” as it’s got a nice soft and rounded character.

If you were the pixel, what amazing adventure would you like to go on?
I would be moving forward into the unknown and enjoying the freedom of moving higher and higher.

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