“Punk’s Not Dead” LP

Release date: 28th July 2014

01. One Way To Mars
02. Lucid Dreaming (feat. Elsa Esmeralda)
03. Spiral
04. The Backbone Flute
05. Charge Me (feat. Diagram)
06. My Warm Soft Blanket
07. Summer Pleasures
08. Higgs Boson
09. Dancing Nerds
10. Deep Space
11. White Nights
12. Weird Thing
13. Blurred Memories (feat. Synkro)
14. Next Level
15. Punk’s Not Dead (Continuous Mix)

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Med School’s longest established artist, Bop’s first album “Clear Your Mind” was released in 2009, and was followed up in 2011 by “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel” which recieved rave reviews. On this, his third album, Bop progresses his sound even further with a consummate collection of tracks which brings new influences to the ‘Microfunk’ genre for 2014 and beyond.

The album features 14 tracks of new music including collaborations with vocalist Elsa Esmeralda, Russian compatriot Diagram, and Autonomic star Synkro. Each track develops as the pure artistic vision of Bop himself, who will not compromise or dilute his sound for the masses. He explains: “for me it’s like cutting off a leg or a hand of one of my children – very complicated and unexpected surgery”.

“Love this” – Rockwell
“Unique shit – 10/10″ – Enei
“All hail Bop! Stunning LP” – Etherwood
“Brilliant Album” – S.P.Y
“Utterly brilliant” – Blu Mar Ten
“Huge Bop fan! Love it!” – John B