Welcome to iambop.com

April 1st, 2009
Bop and Booyaka

Med School Music is proud to present iambop.com, a website dedicated to Russian musical virtuoso Bop. Check out “bop things” on the right for info about the man himself, his dog, his Med School releases, his current top tunes and an exclusive new micromix previewing some of his forthcoming Med School material.

Bop shapes the future with an unparalleled brand of genre-bending electronic symphonies, keep it locked to iambop.com for all the latest!


  1. Neurov says:

    I’m proud for russian producer Bop! Big up!

  2. Косков says:

    Пост навел на размышления ушел много думать …

  3. Maltos says:

    You’ve done it people. This website is absolutely sick!

    Big ups to Bop. The first 12″ absolutely smashes it; can’t wait to hear more from you!